Dr. Bob Kieber

Dr. Kieber is a marine and atmospheric chemist



Recent projects

We are interested in studying the natural systems which shape and guide the processes of the natural world. Our long-term goal is to identify and characterize the scientific mechanisms specific to our principal areas of research. You can read on to find out more about these projects below.

Dr. Kieber onboard the RV MACRL collecting shallow Cape Fear river sediments using a grab sampler.

Our group has developed a variety of analytical methods for the determination of trace quantities of analytes in both atmospheric and surface water samples.  These have included methods for the determination of ethanol, nitrite and hydrogen peroxide.

One of the specialties of our research team involves exploring the role of sunlight on the biogeochemistry of environmental systems.  We utilize sunlight exposures during filed campaigns and simulated sunlight in controlled laboratory work.   Our efforts have focused on photochemical influences on trace metal speciation and organic geochemistry.

An area of on-going research within our group focuses on the role of sediment resuspension on the biogeochemistry of natural waters both on a regional and a global scale.  We have explored the release of a variety of analytes from sediments once they enter the photic zone including nutrients, DOC, marine toxins and metals.   Our results indicate photoproduction from resuspended sediments represents a significant but previously unrecognized source of these analytes to aquatic ecosystems.


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